The Mag.

The Mag is Province 24's traveling trophy. It was painted by Brad Holifield (Theta Upsilon, 2005) in 2007 and was put into use to enhance the relationships among brothers in the different institutions of the province. This trophy gives each chapter a reason to visit each other and share in the Sinfonia community throughout the semester.

Current Holder

Eta Phi

2015 Scoreboard

Eta Phi, 0
Theta Upsilon, 0
Lambda Xi, 0
Lambda Rho, 0
Lambda Phi, 0
Pi Nu, 0

The Rules

1. The location of The Mag should be announced through the province Facebook page, and will be posted on the province website. The announcement should include valid contact information for the brother(s) in possession of the trophy.

2. A minimum of three active collegiate Sinfonians is required to retrieve the trophy. The retrieving team must contact the brother(s) in possession of the trophy before departure. The brother(s) in possession of the trophy should make reasonable arrangements to meet with the retrieval team. In the event that the brother(s) in possession of the trophy are unable to meet with the retrieval team, every reasonable effort must be made on the part of the brother(s) to find other chapter members in good standing who can meet with the retrieval team.

3. The brothers in possession and retrieval team must meet for a minimum of two hours in order to hand over the trophy. This meeting must comply with the Risk Management Guidelines outlined in the Risk Management Policies.

4. Once retrieved, notice must be posted within 24 hours on the province listserver. The trophy will be held by the possessing chapter for 48 hours before it becomes eligible for retrieval.

5. Points are assigned to the duration of possession by a chapter. Retrieval merits 25 points to the retrieving chapter, and each day held merits 1 additional point. For example, a chapter that held the trophy for 17 days would receive a total of 42 points.

6. There are two points windows for the trophy: August 20th through December 10th, and January 10th through May 10th. The trophy may be retrieved outside of these two windows, but points will not be assigned.

7. The trophy must reside in the town where the sheltering institution is located.

8. The Mag is designed to foster province interaction and networking among brothers in Province 24. It is in this spirit that these rules should be followed. The Province Governor reserves the right to adjust points and trophy rules at his discretion, and in consultation with the CPR.